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THE NUTRITION THERAPIST'S GOAL:  focuses on getting to the root of a health imbalance, quality prevention and rebalancing body chemistry using a whole body approach to support health.   This is called: Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Therapy.

We share the same goal as Functional Medicine.


Functional Nutrition works with the way food affects your unique body on a cellular level.  Food is much more than calories.  There are millions of molecules of information in every bite of food that you eat affecting how your cells behave, function and how you feel.  Your lifestyle affects how well and whether or not these nutrients are being utilized to your benefit or not.  

What is Nutrition Therapy ?

Health Strong's Approach


It’s my mission to serve those that have served others. To give back to the very people that helped others to succeed while putting their life on the back-burner. I personally acknowledge the difficulty in finding balance between family, work and health. It’s my belief by investing in YOU, invests in the infinite web of people you touch!


I work with clients over a period of 3 to 6 months minimum in order to effectively support them to their health goals.


CONDITIONS INCLUDE every day health imbalances and chronic health conditions such as:

  • Gastrointestinal Distress (IBS, IBD (Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis), SIBO and more)

  • Mood, Depression and Mental health 

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Fatigue, Sleep and Energy problems

  • Weight management

  • Daily irritations such as: headaches, low energy, pain, lack of sleep

  • Chronic conditions such as:  obesity, diabetes, blood sugar and cholesterol imbalances, cardiovascular diseases, thyroid conditions, inflammatory bowel diseases, IBS, autoimmunity, celiac disease, menopause/andropause and age related physical naggings


We are a 100% Virtual practice, everything we do is for YOUR convenience, saving you much time!  Times are always set up best for the participants in group mentoring programs, however, sessions are recorded so if you cannot make it, you are welcome to listen in when convenient for you, not missing a beat!


Occasional socials may be in person for local folks once or twice/year.


How do we communicate?

  • Telephone, Tele-seminars, Skype, and Webinars

  • Online Support forums

  • Email




Some options include:

  • FREE Discovery Session

    • Exploratory Q & A

    • Risk Analysis


  • Small Group Mentoring and High Value 1-on-1’s receive a comprehensive value:


Options vary depending on the program, but may include:

  • S.M.A.R.T. Goal setting and achievement

  • Health history analysis

  • Nutrition & Supplement analysis

  • Lifestyle analysis

  • Behavior and Relationship with Food analysis

  • Report of findings and recommendations

  • Relapse prevention analysis

  • Menu Suggestions and guidance

  • Educational handouts and instruction

  • Client homework challenges working toward health

  • Ongoing email and private support while a client

  • Private Group Supportive Forums

  • Work together with other health care professionals

Your Value

  • Improved quality of life an achieve all your health goals!  

  • Rebalance and enhance health

  • Weight loss

  • Revitalized energy

  • Enhanced Confidence

  • Improved Sleep, wake up feeling refreshed

  • Brain clarity and sharpness

  • Improved digestion

  • Motility and vitality

  • Age gracefully & feel the best you have in years

  • Spiritual growth

  • Nutrition and lifestyle benefits to last a lifetime

  • Best of all, continue to serve others with energy and happiness!

  • Feel so good you knock all those items off your bucket list because you have the health and energy to do it!

  • Work more productively, play actively, and live long, healthy, vibrant lives.

Nutrition Therapy & Lifestyle Solutions

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