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Midlife Weight Loss        Kickstart

Midlife Weight Loss Kickstart Package Small Group Mentoring Program


Have you had a break down at the dressing room at Kohls when trying on clothes? 


Have you gotten off the health track while raising your family because you couldn't add one more thing on your to do list? 


If so, you've put yourself on the back burner, and that's all ok, because that's what makes us 'givers' tick....but it's NOW time to invest in yourself and your health not only to gain your confidence, comfortable clothes but also to resolve those nagging & nasty symptoms so they don't develop into disease later in life (hopefully, not sooner) so you can keep on giving.


This program is 100% VIRTUAL and has 3 very clear stages and goals:

NOTE: You'll use real food, your OWN food you purchase in the store & you'll learn how to manage health and weight loss on your own.  This creates the long-term knowledge needed without relying on an outside system that does the work for you & when you come off it, the weight comes back on and the health benefits could very well go down the drain. 

1st 21 days - Sturdy foundation concepts. This is step is missed time and again in most programs & it's what is needed to build upon both intellectually & physically.

2nd 21 days - Detox/Cleanse/Purification - you'll change your taste buds by replacing foods with healthy, tasty options while removing toxins that most likely are interfering with your health & keeping your fat on our body.


3rd 21 days - Re-balance and teach you how to manage on your own depending on what we learn about your body & how to prevent relapse.

Here's the webinar about the Kickstart if you want to learn more:

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Still not sure if you this is the right fit, then schedule your free discovery session to get clear on the right program perfect for you.

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