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Cultivating a Culture of Health Advantage

“There’s no ‘I’ in TEAM”.  Well I BEG TO DIFFER! 


It’s the pool of individuals that make up the Corporate Machine and if there’s any ‘malfunction’ then the machine doesn’t run optimally.  The “Machine” needs to be well oiled, harmonized with its various ‘other parts’ that hold the machine together and if any piece gets old, missing, warn out or misfires somehow, then the machine fails . . . and so does your bottom line!  Wouldn’t you agree that it takes a lot of healthy, smart, efficient, well rested and happy employees to run an organization as a TEAM consistently with profit and growth?  Make no mistake.  There’s many “I’s” in TEAM and it’s time they’re taken care of. 


The U.S. is facing a rising health epidemic driven by chronic diseases and it will continue to increase as the baby boomer generation ages and as ill diet and lifestyle habits take hold.  This threatens American businesses because of lost productivity and unsustainable health care costs.  The cost of people with chronic diseases in 2009 was reported to account for more than 75% of the nation’s $2.2 trillion medical care costs.[i] [ii] Chronic diseases are the most costly health problems, but adopting healthy lifestyles can prevent many of them. 


Here’s the rub.  Most employers know that adopting workplace health programs in the work environment help employees adopt healthier lifestyles lowering the risk of developing an expensive costly disease, but only 6.9% of employers offer such a program, according to a national survey.[iii]  Why?


  • It costs time, money and it certainly isn’t easy. 

  • It’s difficult to commit AND sustaining behavior change in a world filled with temptation and ingredients difficult to learn about, much like a foreign language, in a world with less and less time and money.

  • Changing perspectives and studies make this territory difficult to navigate not knowing whom to believe. 


The root of Health Strong’s corporate program is scientific and evidenced based education.  Education is where all the action is.  This is because it allows revelations to occur on all spectrums of the well-known and proven behavior model for change that we use.  What are the benefits of Health Strong's services for your corporation?


  • Education causes revelations making shifts, creates prevention and can affect your bottom line! 

  • Most corporate wellness programs focus only on weight loss, are not interactive and continuous which therefore does not promote behavior change. Health Strong’s corporate program is ongoing with events scheduled every month on all areas of health.

  • Health Strong is formulated to establish a Culture of Health.  Most companies offer a single or two time health assessment test per year for an annual health insurance premium discount. That’s it.  Health Strong also engages both leadership and employees so employees feel supported as they learn the “why” and “how-to” in health which CULTIVATES A CULTURE OF HEALTH! 


It’s the company’s responsibility, so let us help you!

  • While employers have a responsibility to provide a safe and hazard-free workplace, there are a lot of creative, cost effective ways to promote health and foster a healthy work environment using what Health Strong has to offer.

  • The Center for Disease Prevention (CDC) encourages employers to provide employees with preventive services, training, tools and an environment to support healthy behaviors.  

  • If you provide Health Strong's very basic health support, you'll soon see that your employees will all be working synergistically together in a TEAM because all the "I's" are well taken care of!


Start taking an active interest in your corporation’s health by taking this modified CDC’s Worksite’s Health Scorecard test to see if your corporation’s providing the very basic preventive services to your employees.  


For the full quiz, instructions and resources go to: file:///C:/@%20Health%20Strong%202014/0.1%20Client%20Management/Client%20Forms/1%20Services%20Forms/_Cororate%20Forms/hsc_manual.pdf

How do Health Strong Services work for your corporation? 


FREE Services get you started:


  • A FREE needs analysis specific to your company

  • Free "Lunch and Learns" targeted specifically to the company's health population.

  • Information on customizable program and health fair options for negotiated fees.


Contact Health Strong to get started.  





[i]  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Chronic Diseases: The Power to prevent, the Call to Control,

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Very informative and interesting.  I feel compelled to read a few of the recommended books.”

~ Patty


“Great presentation!  Well formulated and delivered!”

~ Linda


Very informative!  Good resources - quoted many professional source of research.  Compassion for audience in that it made you feel very comfortable and not condemning.  Gave not just the problem but also gave a solution.  Good question and answer time.”

~ Francine


“I thought the information was very important and the layout of the neurotransmitters and what they do was very well presented.”

~ Donna


Very easily understood and explained.  Research excellent and resources were offered.  Time was very precise and appreciated.”

~ Margie

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