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Content is in person and/or via web conferencing


Cultivate a Culture of Health

Incorporates all Health Strong has to offer in 1 year for maximum benefits & value.



  • Foundational Bible Study (if desired)

  • 2 Private Nutrition and Lifestyle Therapy Consultations

  • 4 Educational Seminars (Pillars of Health)

  • 4 Interactive Health Rebalancing Programs

  • Additional Hand's On offerings not offered outside the membership

  • Resources Guide not offered outside the membership


2 Options to participate:

  1. Calendar Year (January to January) OR

  2. Academic Year (September to May) ~ for all you parents :)


Sneak Peak (contact us for details and answer questions):

How to get started?

  1. Click on green button to Enroll in a Program OR schedule a FREE consultation to go over options.

  2. Option: Organize a group to take part in one of the options (Calendar Year or Academic year).  This is a nice way to to cultivating a culture of health for employers and it's a powerful way to build health with friends and family. You'll change the overall quality of life, and impact your health in infinite ways.

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