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...It's time...1 week before Christmas...time to get under control people...!

This week + next week = more holiday parties, treats, baking, special events & celebrations and for many of being on vacation & coming home for college wanting to be pampered...AHHH!!! It's also a time to allow yourself to relax & enjoy no matter whom you have surrounding you! Now, for those running ragged, in a stress, mood funk &/or for those that can't resist all the goodies (because you say you deserve it after all this or after this tough year, right?)...from a nutrition therapy & lifestyle standpoint there are 3 things you can do this week and next (and certainly, you can continue thereafter) that will help you get under control...!!! 1) Rein in the cravings 2) Hush the stress and 3) Increase your overall mood in the midst of getting it all done.... and ... **4) BONUS**: Help you SLEEP...awww, yes! These 3 things are a POWERFUL TRIO because they EACH have ENORMOUS HEALTH BENEFITS ...3 things, NOW GO and get 'er done!



Drink 1 T. of Raw organic ACV in 8 oz water before meals for:

1) Increased digestion capacity by increasing HCL which most of us need (especially under this stressful week)

2) Decrease your sugar cravings substantially so you don't eat the whole batch of fudge! HA!

3) ACV is wonderful...doing a million fabulous things behind the scenes (alkalizing, antimicrobial, antifungal, cleanse the liver, enhances immune function, and so much more) Can't stomach the taste? Try adding a bit of stevia to it, but it's best to train your taste buds that not everything is sweet. Did you dislike alcohol or beer at first when you first tried it...? can also try ACV pills if having trouble with tooth enamel or you just can't handle the smell.



Get yourself out there and move (provided all is good with your Dr.). Do not get exhausted and have it be unbearable... it should be exhilarating & elevating. The next couple weeks it can really help... 1) Lower blood pressure 2) Increase the happy neurotransmitters (i.e. serotonin) & elevate your mood 3) Directly lower stress and incredible relief 4) ...and wa, la....give you a fabulous nights rest & keep your mind from thinking about the gift you haven't bought, the people you're ignoring this year and the million worries you've had the past 20 years, Ha, HA...!



There are many strains for different concerns, but a great starting point is to take one with at least 100 million colony-forming units (CFU)/day with Bifidobacterium bifidum & Lactobacillus acidopillus. I like to take before bedtime due to any digestive upset or 'feedback' that can occur and by morning, it's all resolved :) Again, Probiotics have so many benefits it's hard to encapsulate here, but for pre-/post-holiday benefits, here's a few: 1) Promotes digestion capability especially during stressful days where your system can constipate & help remedy diarrhea associated with pathogenic bacteria 2) Boost your'll need this after this stressful time 3) Enhance mood! Creates happy vitamins and increases the formation of happy neurotransmitters in your gut...oh, happy day!


#4 **BONUS**

Take that bath enjoying your favorite beverage with lavendar bubble bath and espon salt (with your favorite music/show at a safe distance from the tub, of course!) ...or perhaps with your favorite someone :)....oooohhh, I went there!




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