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Super Bowl Ideas

Hi everyone, thought I'd share what I'm planning on making for the super bowl for La Familia...

1) Antipasta Salad Kabobs: Thread your favorite meats (I like nitrate free Genoa salami or pepperoni), cheeses (I love good hard & aged cheeses or sharp cheddar cheese, preferably raw), olives, roasted garlic, marinated mushrooms, Pepperoncinis, roasted red peppers and lettuce leaves on a wooden skewer and either drizzle with your favorite dressing or dip in Italian dressing. There's all sorts of variations on the internet. You can create a Antipasta tray if you don't want the skewers.

2) Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus (a favorite & strangely addicting!): wrap asparagus in prosciutto, brush with olive oil and broil until crispy (3 min minutes or so)...Delish & super easy!

3) Homemade salsa & guacamole of course, it's the super bowl!

4) Garlic & Kerry Gold butter seasoned shrimp, just because :)

5) Sweet potato skins - bake sweet potatoes; once done, scoop all but 1/4 inch potato, brush with kerry gold butter or oil of choice (coconut or olive) bake skin side down for another 10-20 min until browned. Add guyere cheese, avocado and a bit of salsa, scallions (and bacon if you have it on hand, HA!), melt and wa la....delicious.

6) Main dish....we can't decide! Share ideas on my Facebook page or comments below .... also, share appetizer ideas so we can all benefit :)

In good health, Julie

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